Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cycling and skiing

I was out yesterday with Ron on the bikes for a journey around Slochd which took us around the forest tracks, across the River Dulnain and back. It was a beautiful day and quite pleasant to paddle across the river. For some pictures see Ron's blog here.
Today was another lovely day...more of this sunny weather please!
Ron and I walked for a bit then stuck the skins onto the skis and made our way up to the summit. We skied down the far side on good snow then back up to the summit again to ski down Coronation Wall which I found a bit tricky as the snow was quite heavy. The sticky snow was only to be expected though given the glorious sunshine!
Work over the weekend but with more snow forecast, I think I'll keep the skis out of the attic for now.
There will be more photos from Ron on his blog soon.


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