Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cairngorm skiing and sunshine

I went with Ian to ski at Cairngorm as there was going to be a lot of snow after all that had been falling over the past couple of days.
We headed up early and were glad that we did as the car parks filled up quickly. After a run down to the Ciste Tow and back up, we skied down to the Ptarmigan tow so we could reach the top of the east wall which gave us untracked, silky snow for our first couple of runs down it.
Later in the day as the queues increased and the amount of untracked snow decreased, we skied off to Ciste Mhiread on more lovely snow though Ian, with his short, fat Freetrek approach skis, found that he had to point them in a straight line in a downwards direction rather than do any turns which would just bring him to a halt!
We skinned up towards the summit which was a new achievement for Ian so he was feeling pretty chuffed.
We found the skiing more enjoyable higher up although we did a few runs down the White Lady and the M1 which were good but with a few rocks sticking through at the bottom.


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