Thursday, 8 May 2008

Pentlands rescue Friday 2nd May

The Pentlands are an area that are easy to get to for anybody in the Edinburgh area and it is so easy to forget that this is a potentially a remote area if things go wrong.
Lawson is an experienced hillwalker but had one of those days that could happen to anybody. He slipped on a muddy path, fell awkwardly and fractured his ankle. Ken and Denise were very helpful in getting a rescue quickly sorted but it still took a while before Lawson was rescued by the helpful crew from an HMS Gannet helicopter and he was airlifted to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
He is now out of hospital and looking to a period of enforced rest which will probably drive both my Mum and Lawson mad as they are both very active people.
Thanks to Ken and Denise and everybody that was there at the time and some stunning photos to follow, again thanks to Ken.
When Lawson arrived in the helicopter, it was to be met by a camera crew for Channel 5 so it seems that his experience will be shared! The lengths that some folk will go to get on tv!
Anyway, best wishes to Lawson and hope he is out and about quickly which knowing Lawson, he will be!


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