Thursday, 7 August 2014

L'aigle, l'hysope and the short straw!

Ron and I were climbing yesterday at Col de la Colombiere on some lovely limestone for a change. Our route was Courte Paille which seems to translate as short straw though we didn't feel like we got the short straw! The climb had a mix of grades, never too hard, with the last pitch giving the best climbing on a steep little wall.
Adding to the ambiance, at the start of the day we saw a huge eagle floating just a few metres above our heads, my photos do not do it justice!
We also noticed folk out picking what looked like little yellow flowers  and we found out these were called hysope and used in many ways including flavouring liqueurs. The locals hold a "soiree hysope" to celebrate these pungent, lemony flowers.


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