Monday, 1 April 2013

Cairngorm snowhole expedition

On Sunday I joined Ron, Mike and Vish for the last two days of the Talisman Easter course for the snowhole expedition.
We walked up along the ridge towards Ben MacDui then cut across to Garbh Uisge Beag to find a suitable place to spend the night. The entrances to thesnowholes that were there a few weeks ago had drifted over but with a bit of probing, I found three, two of which were pretty big and only needed a small amount of digging rather than the four hours that Mike and Vish were expecting.
Ron and I wandered over towards Loch Etchachan for some views. There were some massive drifts, scoured areas and some silky snow which had us wishing we had skis with us.
Over night the temperature dropped dramatically but it was warm in the snowholes. As the sun rose in the morning, the light flooded in through the entrance promising another lovely day.
On Monday morning we walked up to the summit of Ben MacDui to "bag" a peak and to enjoy the views across towards Braeriach, Angel's Peak and Cairn Toul. Then back over the plateau with a quick peek down the Goat Track which was looking very steep so we continued on around the top of the corries to descend in to the ski area from Point 1141.
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