Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Another lovely day on Cairngorm

I was out today with Liz and John on their second day with Talisman Mountaineering. We walked up Sron an Aonach to Ciste  Mhiread. Navigation was to be what we were looking at for the first part of the day so a lot of imagination was needed to envisage poor visibility!
We found some decent large snowholes to explore then dug some emergency shelters. Atilla, one of the Cairngorm Rangers was checking out the snowholes and the cornices. It was a shame to find some candles and matches that had been left in one of the snowholes so we brought them out with us.
After the digging, we walked up to the summit of Cairngorm enjoying the amazing views and the strange snow underfoot where the rime and sastrugi had melted and refrozen.
Another great day out on Cairngorm in the sun.


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