Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hell's Lum

With such a good weather forecast for today, Ron and I decided to go over to Hell's Lum to see what we could find. A few other folk were also headed in the same direction including Oli with some of his mountaineering club friends and John and Dave too.
We walked underneath the crag towards the Chancer which Ron quite fancied climbing again but there were quite a few climbers in Hell's Lum itself so rather than wait to climb it's first pitch to reach the icefall of The Chancer we took a line to the left so we could try and cut across a bit higher up. Where there was good ice, it was great but otherwise the ice was a bit thin and the cracks were mostly iced up. We did a couple of short pitches then traversed across into Hell's Lum and climbed down.
Our change of plan had us climbing up Kiwi Gully which gave some interesting and very enjoyable climbing especially the steep pitch in the middle. We had spindrift pouring down on us for the last section but no cornice to contend with!
More pictures on Ron's blog here.


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