Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nottingham Uni MPS out on Cairngorm

Sunshine, blue skies and sundogs on Cairngorm for the Nottingham University Munro Pineapple group today. Look at the wikipedia link here for an explanation of what sundogs are. Certainly they are something that I have never seen before and thanks to Reuben for pointing them out to us.
The weather was perfect as Claire, Rosie, Ellen, Reuben, Sinead and I  walked up Coire Chais ridge and up to the summit. The emphasis was on the differences between summer and winter navigation today but with the visibility so good, a lot of imagination had to be used! We had a brief look at the snowholes in Ciste Mhiread, jumped on some snow drifts and abseiled over cornices.

As an extra note, there are quite a few decent sized snowholes in Ciste Mhiread but one or two have rather large, unpleasant amounts of yellow snow in them. Surely people can walk away from the snowhole area? Beware of where you dig.


Blogger Mike said...

I've got some useful info our of your blog for trips into the gorms but amazed you've never seen a sundog before.
They are more more common than you think!

28 January 2012 at 21:13  

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