Friday, 30 December 2011

Snowholing and weird weather

I didn't expect to be updating my blog tonight!

Donna, Simon and I spent today digging out two comfortable snowholes in which to spend the night. The paths had been very icy on our walk up Cairngorm but with enough fresh snow around that we could walk without crampons. Fresh snow was falling throughout the afternoon as we burrowed our way into the snow.

By five o'clock the snow had turned sleety and by six, it was raining! A text from Ron confirmed what we were already seeing -  that the freezing level was going way above the summits over night and by seven o'clock, we had decided to leave our slowly, slumping snowholes. Sleeping bags were stowed away and bags packed and we were soon splashing our way over the plateau on very damp snow, slushy ice and with a strong, very mild, wind blowing.

Before the rise in temperature - enjoying supper!

Leaving the snowholes.

Saturday morning update and Cairngorm Mountain are saying "Saturday 31st Dec, (Hogmanay) Currently 2C at top station, wind speed 35 gusting 50 from the South West. Good visibility with clear sky. Plus 4C at car park . Wind permitting we will open Ciste, Ptarmigan and Cas tows, with the Funicular Railway doing Mid station stops. Runs currently being assessed due to overnight temperature rise and some snow loss. The Snow has softened over night."

Softened, it certainly did!

More from Ron on his blog here.


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