Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Cairngorm journey

Another lovely sunny day and even warmer than yesterday!

I walked up the Fiacaill Ridge for a wee bit of a scramble then down Half a Gully rather than walk across the plateau. Aladdin's Couloir looked fun as a way back up and then I was off to the summit of Cairngorm as it was just the kind of day for being on a summit to enjoy the views. As a change to walking down from Point 1141, I walked back over to the top of Jacob's Ladder and climbed down there.

There weren't as many folk around as I expected but it was a very sociable day and nice to chat to the two skiers at the top of Half A Gully, the two climbers who were having a picnic on Aladdins Seat who I later bumped into again as they climbed out of Jacob's Ladder as I was about to go down and Ron who had been on a navigation course with me a while back who was out today with his friend Raymond.

Ron was out with his client Stephen on the summit of Cairngorm collecting the views.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi there,

Tim and Lorna here, from Aladdins Seat!
Excellent day today and nice to see our photo on your blog! We got you near the top of the couloir. Got some shots of the "bergshrunds" in jacobs which you can see at:


Tim and Lorna :)

11 April 2011 at 01:08  

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