Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Grands Clots via ferrata - Sunday 8th August

Another hot and sunny day after a clear, cold night.
The Grands Clots Via Ferrata is near Le Freux just down the road from La Grave. It follows the mining tracks and paths that formed the old silver, lead, coal and slate mines which dated back to the 10th Century and were finally closed down in 1926. The height gain from the start of the route to the Plateau d'Emparis far above is 750metres with the first 400metres being the steepest. After that, it has some short steep sections and meandering paths and tracks from where the views across to La Meije are just fantastic. The disctance on foot is about two kilometres and that's not including the walk off from the plateau down through the village of Le Chazelet and back to La Grave.
A great and vey full day out!


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