Thursday, 20 May 2010

Aladdin's Couloir skiing - 20th May

Back to Cairngorm today with the skis, boots and a pair of trainers! We walked up through the ski area and on up the Cas ridge to the plateau for lunch and views then down towards Aladdin's Couloir which we planned to ski down.
After changing into the ski boots (trainers probably not a good idea!) we had a look at the top of the gully. The top of the gully was steep and icy in places so Ron climbed down, cutting steps and dug out a huge ski length platform at the little col so we would have somewhere to put on the skis.
We went back up, picked up the packs and skis and back down into the gully. Ron was first to ski down and then I followed. After the first turn which took me a bit of time to feel right about, it was all good fun though it narrowed a bit in the middle with some rocks showing through. Skiing out the bottom of the gully and just letting the skis fly over the snow was fantastic and another ambition achieved!
The skis are going back in the attic until next winter and the rockboots and chalk bags are now going to be put to good use on hopefully some nice, dry rock!
Lots of video clips taken so Ron has put together a video of our descent.
For more info and pictures from Ron click here and for the video click here


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