Saturday, 10 April 2010

Skiing at Cairngorm and ski touring to Ben MacDui

For all the seven or more years I have been up here in Aviemore I have not really done any proper ski touring so spending the morning at the ski area waiting for the snow to soften before heading up over the summit of Cairngorm and on to Ben MacDui was just fantastic.
The ski area was quite busy with the Vans snowboarding competition but the queues on all the runs were short today. We had a fun run down the M1 right behind the piste machine on some really fun snow!
The sun shone all day, the snow was spring-like and we found some soft snd powdery slopes on our descent from Ben MacDui and despite a little detour to the top of the Goat Track which Ron tried to persuade me to ski without much luck this time, we had a great day which ended up with us coming back through a very quiet ski area this evening.
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