Monday, 7 September 2009

Logique Flue and Briancon – Friday 14th August

This was to be the last route of our trip to Ailefroide and it was the one I fell off! I clipped the last bolt on the first pitch and the next point was the belay but my left foot slipped, I fell and oops, my ankle hit off an edge as I came to a halt. No way was I going up again so down was the only option. Ron and the French guys climbing alongside helped out getting me back down and they were really good in collecting all our extenders and handing them into the guides bureau so we could collect them later. Big thanks to them for that and for their help in getting me back down to the road.
So we had a trip to Briancon and an experience of French hospitals and I ended up with crutches and a splint for my ankle and no prospect of climbing for the next wee while!
Though I must add that Chamonix is such a great place to hobble about in as I was able to do the walking up bits and enjoy cable car descents!
We ended our trip with the climb of the Via Corda Alpina which I wasn't too sure my ankle would be up to but it was and it was a good positive thing to end our summer trip on after what had happened in Ailefroide.
Spain next!


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