Thursday, 5 March 2009

A lot of Aladdin's!

Snow in Aviemore this morning had me wondering about the weather forecast but it turned into a great day as the snow showers past and the wind dropped.
I went climbing with Ron and Keith again today and we climbed up Aladdin's Mirror Direct to begin with then continued on up to Aladdin's Seat then down Aladdin's Couloir and back up to the start of the Mirror to collect the rucksacks.
The only thing that was not so good about the day was the guy that followed closely on my heels as I climbed the Mirror. It took away from my enjoyment of the climbing because I was so worried about knocking any ice down on him and the ice was rather fragile at the top.
Lots of snow about and some atmospheric spindrift came down the Mirror Direct as we were climbing.
Great fun and Ron has more photos and video clips here


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