Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bynack Mor - almost!

Kath, Peter, Kim and I walked up from Glenmore Lodge through the forest towards Ryvoan and on to Bynack Mor. We could hear the wind roaring through the trees around us.
After finding a sheltered spot for an early lunch, we began the walk up to Bynack Mor and to begin with there were snow showers and it was a bit windy! The wind increased as we got higher and in the end, we had to stop about 150m below the summit as, even when we were sitting down, we were getting blown along the ground.
It was a bit difficult to get a photo of Peter and Kath standing up as we all kept getting blown down!
With the fresh snow, it all felt very wintry again and we were all looking quite snowy as we returned.
Apparently the wind speed at the ski area was recorded as 70 to 80mph at lunchtime and it certainly felt like it on Bynack Mor!
Ron and the winter skills group went into Coire an t-Sneachda and more from Ron here


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