Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Robin Wood, Grande Floria 9th September

The weather forecast the day before had promised a good and sunny day however we were chatting to a local climber at Les Cheserys who was looking up at the sky and saying otherwise. We looked again at the meteo and it still said "beau temps" but with bad weather coming in the following day. This doubt about the weather combined with the train not running quite as it should be due to work on the line meant we gave up on plans to go back up the valley to climb L'ete indien and instead, we took La Flegere cable car up to the Grande Floria area in the Aiguilles Rouges to climb Robin Wood.

Four lovely pitches, each one harder than the one before so the first two were mine and the second two were Ron's lead. Lovely gneiss and not too busy though we could see there could be a lot of potential for loose rock coming down if there were climbers above.

Our last day out climbing before the journey back home to Aviemore but what a great summer!


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