Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cairngorm today

We had such a fun day out exploring just how much snow there is on Cairngorm that I've had to jump the last of the summer stuff but it will be updated soon . Coire an t-Sneachda looked wintry but when we met up with Andy at the top of Pygmy Ridge, it seemed that winter was rather cosmetic. They had a fun day out on the climb all the same.
We walked rather quickly up to the summit of Cairngorm with a strong wind behind us helping us on our way then dropped down to find some great snow drifts in a sheltered location to play with and where we could dig our first snowhole of the season!
We wait with anticipation for our first winter route of the season.
Ron took loads of photos but they downloaded to my pc in a rather weird way so look here for pictures


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