Sunday, 21 September 2008

Chamonix to Vicosprano 27th July

After doing a huge shopping at Les Houches (big thanks to Elaine for use of her car !) we packed up the van and drove by way of the Mont Blanc tunnel to Switzerland, Bregaglia and the Vicosoprano campsite.
The following day was torrential rain but it was an opportunity for us to learn some German weather words for storm, rain and cloud!
Gianna, who manages the campsite, is so helpful though I think she was baffled by what languages Ron spoke as she would try German, Italian and French but he always managed to come back with a loaf of white bread or the tokens for the showers so he must have been getting it right in one language or the other! Me, I could only manage to communicate in French so he was doing better than me! Bhah!


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