Sunday, 14 September 2008

Palavar les Flots 27th June

Back home in Aviemore and wondering where to begin with telling the tale of all the climbs I have done and everywhere I have been over the summer.
We started off with a few days in Chamonix before driving over to Ailefroide, a new area for me and what fantastic climbing there is!
We started off with a bit of cragging below the Fissure de Ailefroide then went on to Palaver Les Flots which is where the pictures above are from. 400m of lovely, slabby climbing on good rock. The six abseils to get back down were quite fun too!
(Route info - 5b, 400m, 12 pitches, 6 abseils in descent)
(Guide book - Escalades autour d'Ailefroide and Schweiz Plaisir Sud)


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