Saturday, 14 June 2008

Summer 2008 and a little book back at 2007

I'm off to the Alps for the next three months and home will be the Talisman Basecamp Motorhome!
Just to set the scene, here are a few photos from last year of the fantastic scenery we found in Bregalia and a photo of the first mole I have ever seen, so cute! The last photo is of Piz Badile and we plan to go back to climb the Cassin Route, weather permitting.
Otherwise, I will be in Chamonix and hope to explore the Ecrins area as well as this will be a new area for me and it sounds like the climbing is just fantastic .
The next three months offer loads of opportunities and with plans all very flexible, I cannot begin to guess how much I can achieve but my aims are high!
Posts will be added when there is the opportunity and internet access!
Also, well done to Cat and Amanda who were out in Chamonix last week. They climbed Gran Paradiso with Kenton Cool as their original objective of Mont Blanc was a bit too snowy and the avalanche risk too high for a safe ascent. Their website is here


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