Monday, 28 January 2008

La Grave...part 2

Les Moulins (III, 6) was the next route Ron and I went to and we had it all to ourselves until late on in the day. It quite surprised us just how few climbers we met this trip!
I decided on a steep start to the first pitch then swam my way through all the fresh snow to our first belay, a full 60m pitch. On the next pitch, Ron found an intresting steep start again then more snow and icy bulges for another 60m to a belay "rive droite" below the pitch that lead up to the "cigare". The "cigare" is the bit that gives the route the technical grade 6 so we opted to leave that for another trip but it did look fantastic.
Ian went skiing at Les Deux Alpes and enjoyed the fresh powder. The freetrek skis that we all use, fat snowblades really, float well on powder snow and are great for skiing down gullies too.
Le Lerie at the Grands Clots area was in condition and we had thought about doing it but another party were just starting up. As the days went by, we saw this route quickly disintegrate as did the other routes in the Clot section. Being south facing meant that all the routes on this side of the valley were disapperaing fast.


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